Frequently asked questions

What is your return or refund policy?
We offer a full return, refund or replacement policy if your order is not as described, short of stated quantity or damaged. We will need signed paperwork on receipt of goods stating this before the vehicle has been unloaded. For any good that have queries against them once unloaded and the driver has left, you will need to ring and speak to a member of staff.
How long is the delivery time?
We aim to deliver all goods within 24 hours unless the customer specifies otherwise. Deliveries may run over this dependant on road traffic. If you have a query and your delivery has run over the 24hour delivery time, call our help line and a member of staff can assist with your query.
Do you offer same day delivery?
If an order is placed in a morning and you request afternoon delivery, please state and our staff will advise what the likelihood will be, we always try and aim to meet all customers need, however schedules and timed deliveries already booked in may deviate the outcome of your needs.
Can I collect from your premises?
All customers are more than welcome to collect from site, for private orders you can collect to save on delivery charges.
Is there a delivery charge?
All orders under 50 pallets are subject to a delivery charge, delivery charge is subjected to terms and conditions, dependant on the quantity and delivery location, please speak to a member of our staff for a price, if delivery isn’t urgent, it can be delivered a few days later with further orders in that area with delivery charge deducted, speak to a member of staff for more details.
What do I do if my delivery is late or not arrived?
Contact a member of our team and we can track your delivery giving you a more accurate time for delivery.
Do I need a forklift?
For large orders you would need a forklift, for orders below 20 forklift trucks are not a necessity. If you have doubt or would like to know the conditions behind deliveries without a forklift truck on site please contact the sales team.
Can I pay on card?
Currently we don’t have a card facility. However this is something we are looking into.
Do you sell to private parties?
We sell to private parties as well as the business sector. No order is too big or small.
What price do you pay for pallets?
We purchase almost every type of pallet imaginable, however every pallet has a different price, dependant on their specification. For an accurate quote we recommend you send a picture message to and call upon sending the text to gather your free quotations. We give out the best prices we can afford to pay, if you have been given a better quote please inform our staff accordingly.
Will you collect my waste wood?
Palletland offers a service to all customers, businesses and private sectors. We collect all types of waste wood and pallets, however we are unable to collect green wood, such as trees and shrubs, also all timbers we ask are free from metal as best as possible or collection may be refused.
How quick can you collect?
We aim to collect as soon as possible, however to enable our customers to gain collections free of charge we often have to collect when passing. This sometimes may take up to a few days. However if you need an immediate collect, we can do so but you may have to be charged, the collection charge may be wavered if there is value within the pallets collected. Sometimes upon doing a charged collection it has been known for the delivery charge to be wavered and the customer has gained revenue from the collection. Apologies for the vague answer but every collection can be different, for more details contact a member of staff.
Do you buy damaged pallets?
We purchase damaged pallets but they do have to be of a usable size, we can’t buy odd size pallets that are broken as they will just be stripped down or chipped.
I am after a bespoke pallet that I need designing to a specific requirement, is this possible?
Yes we can manufacture any pallet or crate specifically to your needs, this is not the same case on plastic goods. We provide competitive prices to beat our competition.
Is there a set pallet prise for supply?
Pallet prices vary dramatically, depending on quantity, specification, delivery distance and many other factors. We can also collect when we are on site, any value from pallets collected can be credited off the supply price further reducing pallet costs.
I currently have a deal set with my current pallet provider, if I was the switch could you match my current deal?
At Palletland we try our hardest not only to match previous quotations set by competitors, but beat them, giving the best price as possible, speak to a member of our team.
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