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Wood Scrap Collections

Help prevent any wood waste going to landfill

In 2015 Palletland invested over a million on installing equipment such as biomass machines, chippers and shredders to help recycle all waste/ unwanted timber products that customers and local business can’t use. Palletland now have 2 chippers that are capable of chipping 10 tons of chip per hour.

Palletland work alongside waste management companies to help prevent any wood waste going to landfill.

Palletland offers a Scrap removal service to business’ that doesn’t cost the earth but helps save it. Palletland’s Free of Charge collection scheme has seen local businesses, customers and competitors save large sums on eradicating the use of waste wood skips off sites, leaving customers with extra room on site and savings of up to thousands per week for larger customers. We take everything away unlike other pallet competitors who will leave you with unwanted scrap pallet that are of no use to them.

Whilst Palletland’s terms and conditions may leave some customers having to pay a small sum for waste collections, the pallets collected may gain revenue eradicating the collection charge and in most cases even create a profit from the waste collected.

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Timber Waste Collections

Wood Scrap Collections St Helens

Wood Scrap Collections