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Heat Treated Wooden Pallets

ISPM15 treated products at Palletland

Here at Palletland we’re proud to boast and shout about our new heat treatment facility powered by renewable energy sources. Our heat treatment facility is powered by our biomass system, fueled by waste wood products that have come to the end of their life and can’t be recycled. This million pound project has enable Palletland to produce economically friendly heat treated pallets at lower cost than any competitor.

All treatments are strictly monitored to meet the guidelines set for ISPM15 treated products. Customers will be given certified documentation to show treatment of timber goods and a copy of the graph produced during the burn to keep on record.

For guidelines on whether your pallets would need treatment and the level of treatment required, please contact a member of staff for more details.




Heat Treated Pallets

Heat Treated Pallets St HelensHeat Treated Pallets St Helens